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LOGI-INDUSTRIE places particular importance on security, which is a priority, and also a pro-active approach to the laws and regulations ensuring compliance.

All of our fire protection systems and intruder intervention systems are connected 24/7 to a certified APSAD control centre.
Fire prevention systems within the warehouse are regularly controlled and are set up with the following:

  • A  sprinkler system within the whole warehouse unit the exception being the “flammable products” unit
  • A system of extinguishing by foam with high profusion for the “Flammable products” unit.
  • Fire hose cabinets and extinguishers
  • 2 fire reserves containers of 240 m³ each.

The site at Ouarville is completely enclosed and the site is subject to permanent supervision.

The teams responsible for the organisation of LOGI-INDUSTRIE are trained:

  • In the storage of hazardous materials
  • In the legislation of transport (ADR)

LOGI-INDUSTRIE has an alarm system for any situation presenting a risk. Immediate corrective actions are taken to prevent re-occurrence and these lead to continuous improvement.